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Notes & Disclaimer

All times are local (GMT/BST). The weather station is located at 50.9°N, 0.4°W at an elevation of 46m (151ft) above sea level. The meteorological day in use starts and ends at midnight.

The present weather values on this page are captured every 15 minutes and will automatically refresh. However, the live weather gauges refresh every 60 seconds for a maximum of 20 minutes and then stop, as indicated by the "Update status" LED turning red. Reload the page manually to restart this cycle.

Hovering a mouse over each of the live weather gauges (or tapping it on a mobile device) will reveal further data related to the measurements on that gauge. Also some of the measurement descriptions in the tables on this page (those in italics,) and some of the navigation menu items at the top, can display an explanatory 'tip' in the same way.

1 The estimated cloudbase figure is simply the height that cloud would most likely form. This is calculated assuming the difference between temperature and dew point typically falls by around 2.5°C per 1000ft. If air rises to a height where the temperature and dew point are equal, water vapour will condense and clouds will form. In reality however, this depends on other atmospheric processes, so it is only a rough guide. It will tend to be more accurate during the passage of (hot or cold) weather fronts. The value is height above ground, so add the station elevation figure above to get altitude.

This is an amateur weather station with corresponding levels of accuracy, availability and reliability of data. The data is not therefore guaranteed but is offered as a general guide to local conditions only. Never base important decisions on any information provided by this website.